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2012 AP Stylebook adds broadcast section and other guidelines

10 Sep

The 2012 AP Stylebook was released this summer. No need to buy a new stylebook every year, but you do need to stay current on changes.

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Make your writing more powerful…avoid these grammar mistakes!

7 Sep

Do you write a blog? Do you wish you had more followers? Do you wonder why something clever, touching or otherwise meaningful isn’t spreading the way other content does? Well, it might just be that your word choice, punctuation and grammar is getting in the way. Commit to eliminating these 10 grammar mistakes and give your copy a chance to spread.

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Want your errors published? No!

4 Nov


Few things sound worse to me than having my mistakes published in a newspaper. However, one Idaho newspaper took a senator’s communications efforts to task by publishing a detailed fact-check of a press release. Note to self: double and triple check everything!

Idaho newspaper publishes prominent fact-check of senator’s press release | Poynter..