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The Role of PR in Protest Movements

16 Nov


So what do you think? Should Occupy Wall Street be engaging in formal PR practice? Are protests movements helped by PR or does it make them feel less genuine? Does PR have a role in protest movements at all? Read on…

The Role of PR in Protest Movements | PRSAY – What Do You Have to Say?.


Matt Lauer’s not a fan of PR?!

9 Nov


Matt Lauer considers Starbuck’s new initiative and then questions whether it might just all be “PR.” Read on to find out what Starbuck’s CEO said and why Matt is skeptical.

Matt Lauer’s Glib Response to Starbucks’ Jobs Program | PRSAY – What Do You Have to Say?.

Want your errors published? No!

4 Nov


Few things sound worse to me than having my mistakes published in a newspaper. However, one Idaho newspaper took a senator’s communications efforts to task by publishing a detailed fact-check of a press release. Note to self: double and triple check everything!

Idaho newspaper publishes prominent fact-check of senator’s press release | Poynter..