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Social Media and the Assassination of an Ambassador – The Daily Beast

19 Sep

Remember the role social media played in Arab Spring? Our work as public relations practitioners and our colleagues’ work as journalists is dramatically different than it was just a few years ago. This time, social media helped spread the word (and create confusion) when public servant and Ambassador Christopher Stevens and four other foreign service workers were killed in Libya last week.

Social Media and the Assassination of an Ambassador – The Daily Beast.


Phone Phobia?

12 Sep

Okay, so maybe that’s a little extreme. It’s not phone phobia, exactly. It’s more like we just plain don’t want to talk to each other. There’s some really interesting research about intergenerational communication and the differences between older and younger generations in terms of how we want to communicate, but that’s for another, more serious day. In the meantime, CNN/Time writer Jeffrey Kluger explores our obsession with electronic communication.

We never talk any more: The problem with text messaging – CNN.com.