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PRSSA Issues First Online Version of FORUM

26 Sep

One of the benefits to PRSSA members in the publication FORUM. You can read the first issue of this school year online. And, if you’re interested in learning more about AU’s PRSSA chapter, email prssa@anderson.edu.


Stop Procrastinating…Now

14 Nov


We all need to get more done, more effectively and efficiently. But, we all get caught in procrastination occasionally. Read on for tips from the Harvard Business Review about how (and why!) to stop procrastinating.

Stop Procrastinating…Now – Amy Gallo – Best Practices – Harvard Business Review.

Pick up the phone!

10 Oct


Technology is great, but sometimes we need to step away from the keyboard and resort to “old-fashioned” communication methods — like the telephone. Read on to find out why a phone call can make all the difference…

Young People stop just Texting Me and Give me a Call once in a while! PLZ – Forbes.